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The bods at Bournemouth University have come up with a cracking wheeze – a new way to explore the Stonehenge landscape, using Google Earth to look under the ground and highlight some of the findings of the Stonehenge Riverside Project.

This is achieved via a .kmz file which can be downloaded  and viewed in Google Earth. An explanatory video demonstrates how to navigate around the file’s contents:

From the Wairarapa Daily Times, New Zealand,  9 November 1915 :

“It appears that it was a local landowner, Mr C H E Chubb of Bemerton Lodge, Salisbury, who purchased Stonehenge for £6,600…..After the sale Mr Chubb said that when he went into the saleroom he had no intention whatsoever of buying the monument. “While I was there,” he added “I thought a Salisbury man ought to buy it, and that is how it was done”.

Asked if he had any plans for the future of Stonehenge Mr Chubb said that while he intended to preserve the monument, he would do nothing for some little time, as he had to consider the position.”

[Whether Mr Chubb had in mind that it was necessary to “consider the position” for almost a century is not recorded.]


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