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An Update to suggest that the penalties for knocking things down are getting bigger!

Northumberlandia, an earth sculpture made from mining slag, is almost complete – full story here. Art is in the eye of the beholder so she is ultimately a matter of taste. We have already expressed our own views here so we won’t labour the point. However, we can’t resist highlighting a couple of things that have now been said about her ….

“This wouldn’t have happened without the mine as there would not have been anywhere else to get that amount of material. It has been very carefully selected.
Not exactly “carefully selected”, more “created exactly where they wanted to dump the slag”!

“Northumberlandia will give people the chance to see the mining operations….
Errr, it’s one thing to imply Northerners like big lasses but it’s a bit patronising to suggest they’ll climb up one for “the chance to see the mining operations” They know all about slag heaps and mining operations and they might not be any more enthusiastic than Southerners about spending their Sundays climbing  up one to view the other!

Banks Group is now in talks with the Land Trust in the hope that the charity will take over the care of the site, including three man-made lakes, after it completes its mining operations nearby in 2018.
No surprise there! As we said previously, it’s hard to find a mining company that has dug a huge ugly hole in the ground that doesn’t then say they’re going to flood it to make a water park or nature centre and that (almost) that was why they dug it in the first place – and the fact that’s the cheapest way of dealing with it is nothing to do with it. And now, true to the Tarmac Manual on Machiavellian Mining, Banks Group isn’t going to care for it in perpetuity, they’re trying to hand the responsibility over to a charity – lock, stock and eroding fat lass – to keep it in good condition for the next 300 years!


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