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Mike Pitts has just provided an account of recent studies that may be of great significance to the unresolved debate about whether the bluestones arrived at Stonehenge via human transport. Describing the recent publication of various analyses of samples of the non-sarsen stone debris found in the Stonehenge landscape he says:

“They bring an important insight: “the great bulk of the non sarsen stones at Stonehenge (but not all), come from a very restricted region in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. So restricted, that Ixer at least is confident in saying that this alone points to human transport as the only likely mechanism for the stones having got to Stonehenge”.

See his article here  –

An interesting Planning Appeal decision was recently published, see here. It concerned an application to erect railings near St Petrox Church, a 12th Century Grade 1 listed building adjoining Dartmouth Castle (in the care of English Heritage). The Inspector concluded:

“….the proposed railings would have a major impact on the listed building itself and its setting in the context of Dartmouth Castle. They would cause real harm to the historic environment, by intruding on the present uncluttered setting of the lateral elevations and the context of the church……… …… I have concluded that the scheme before me would conflict with policies that are aimed at protecting the historic environment and that the railings ought not to be allowed…”

So why is that particular interesting? Well, using the same criteria, what would the Inspector say about these?!  😉


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