The Heritage Journal would like to congratulate all those at Meyn Mamvro magazine (link) on the occasion of their 25th anniversary.

The current Issue 77 marks the actual anniversary, although at three volumes per year I’m not personally sure why the anniversary has been delayed for this issue, and not the 75th. But it’s a bumper issue, with all the usual columns on dowsing, site maintenance and pagan news, but focuses mainly upon Fogous, the site type that is particular to Cornwall but which may be related to those sites known as Souterains elsewhere.

‘Pathways to the Past’ covers the area of Lower Boscaswell, with a walk that takes in Pendeen Fogou, Boscaswell Fogou and Lower Boscaswell Holy Well, as well as other sites in the area. There is also an in-depth look at Boleigh Fogou before the two main anniversary articles.

Firstly is a reprint of an article from the initial issue entitled ‘The Riddle of the Fogous’, by Craig Wetherhill. This is followed by an article ‘Into the Underworld’, discussing the progress made from 25 Years of Fogou Research.

For anyone with an interest in Cornish archaeology and associated ‘Earth Mysteries’, Meyn Mamvro is a must-have publication, available at £9 for a 12 month subscription (3 issues).  Full details, and a comprehensive index of articles from back issues can be found on their