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The new Stop Taking Our Past campaign (see here) couldn’t be more beneficial as it simply asks farmers to ensure all detecting finds get reported.



Yet the only reaction we’ve had from detectorists is opposition. In fact, the owner of the premier detecting forum even wrote to the CBA, English Heritage and the Government trying to get them to distance themselves from it. Predictably he failed. The Chairman of CBA told him “I support the point they are making” and English Heritage told him “We advocate responsible detecting & reporting of all finds” (which of course is the precise aim of the nSTOP campaign!). The Government is yet to respond but it’s inconceivable they’ll say anything different as they spend millions providing a recording scheme.

So it’s now beyond argument, nSTOP is not at odds with official opinion, it equates with it so it can’t be belittled or ignored and we have every right to push ahead with it as it’s good for archaeology, archaeologists, landowners and the public. Unlike the original STOP campaign it’s not going away so hopefully every landowner in Britain will hear about it. We’d really appreciate some help though. So as we said before, if you’re a history lover, archaeologist or ethical detectorist please spread the message – “No reporting – No permission”. Why wouldn’t you?


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