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A Guest article


I am rather concerned because I appear to have been forgotten, neglected, ignored and now find I am the victim of abuse and I wish to bring this to the attention of both those in authority whom I believe should be protecting my interests and to the wider public.

In my younger days everybody it seemed knew me. They knew where to find me they all wanted a piece of me and understood my role in society, but now I am considerably older I appear to have lost any of the respect I once enjoyed and I am no longer revered or worse I am completely misunderstood and overlooked. I know times and fashions change and although I was once known to all my new status in society or rather the complete lack of it is a little difficult for me to comprehend when once I was so important.

I have been here for a very long time and although I once was at the heart of every important social, cultural, economic, political and (dare one mention it) spiritual occasion gradually I seem to have lost out to newer ‘improved models’ and changes in emphasis over the years and have become neglected. This did not matter so much when I was being left alone in my retirement. To the best of my knowledge I caused no problems and made no demands but existed quietly. So imagine my horror to find myself suddenly being rudely disturbed, prodded, driven over, ignored and then worse to have had part of me completely amputated without my prior knowledge or consent by complete strangers who treated me as if I was of no significance or simply was not there. It was as if they denied my existence. When I think how important I once was it makes me shudder. Why despite my venerable age, my experience and because I once meant so much to everyone am I being so cruelly treated? What did I do to deserve this except witness your lives, the rites of passage and be part of your calendar and social world? Why did you forget me? You left me, yet I have been waiting patiently for you to return and for you to remember me and what I once meant to you. I am pleased to say a few still do seem to have recognised me and do care, but I am already damaged and will never be the same as I once was and I am shocked that the few who were left in charge of my welfare appear to have forsaken me completely.

To those who are trying to help me I must express my thanks because without you I would be nothing and to the rest please do not let them fight my cause alone, you are all getting older and one day like me perhaps you will be treated with disrespect and indifference, made to feel you have become a burden on the society you once served and are better ignored completely…heed my warning before it is too late.


The forgotten Stone Alignment of Mynydd y Betws, Carmarthenshire


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