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In a further development yesterday Rescue, the British Archaeological Trust called for work on the wind farm to be stopped and for a survey of the whole mountain to be carried out.

Spokesman  Peter Alexander-Fitzgerald said “You have to remember that all is showing is the top of these stones – we don’t know what else is there. This could form a landscape of major importance.”

However, a spokesman for Cambrian Renewable Energy said that since Sandy Gerrard had discovered the stone row “construction works in the area were diverted while we worked with Carmarthenshire County Council and the Welsh Government’s heritage organization Cadw to fully survey the area and catalogue the finds. This work is now complete and Cadw and the council are satisfied that construction works in the area can proceed.”

Clearly someone is completely wrong about whether there may be further hidden features and someone is completely right. On that basis it is hard to see how Mr Alexander-Fitzgerald’s “You have to remember that all is showing is the top of these stones – we don’t know what else is there” isn’t a proper and reasonable statement and a good basis for further action or how Cambrian Renewable Energy, Cadw and the council can feel “satisfied” for work to proceed. Do they KNOW there is nothing else to be found? How?


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