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Councillor Alan Macrae, portfolio holder for Libraries, Heritage and Culture, recently commented:
It was interesting to see the recent road shows regarding public money in the run-up to our budget, nobody was saying put more money into museums, they were all saying take money out of museums to keep other things open, to fix roads, to keep children’s centres open and so on. “I would love to support them but I regret that it’s impossible at this time to meet any requests for an increase.

Come off it Councillor, it’s not about a public clamour for Wiltshire Heritage Museum to go to the wall, it’s about choices the Council has made – and could easily reconsider. For instance, we see you were jolly pleased to boast that the new budget had introduced free swimming for young people during school holidays. Hurrah! But come on Councillor, a couple of quid per child per week through the summer would break no parental bank and if transferred to the museum account would provide the support that the jewel of Wiltshire’s heritage needs to keep going – without affecting the Council’s budget one iota.

So how about it Councillor Macrae? Your Council leader Jane Scott said: “Our priority at Wiltshire Council has always been to deliver what’s best for the people of Wiltshire“. What could be better for the people of Wiltshire than ensuring it’s children are culturally aware as well as good swimmers? And all at zero cost to the Budget!

Anyone who would like to politely put this or similar points to Councillor MacRae can contact him here


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