Fears that Stonehenge wouldn’t be on the route of the Olympic torch have been allayed.  It has been decided it will now be specially driven there and carried round the monument at dawn for a closed photo-opportunity. It has also been announced that the flame will be carried up to the top of Glastonbury Tor – again not as part of the published route, which had it only being carried through the town.

However, Avebury will remain excluded from the route and perhaps even more surprisingly there will be no photo opportunity at Silbury even though it seems the torch will be driven in a closed vehicle within a few yards of the mound. Half an hour spent taking it up Glastonbury Tor but no time to stop for 30 seconds at Silbury? Should they be asked to reconsider?

Silbury and the road along which the torch will be driven (C) Jane Tomlinson, Heritage Action....... Not worth the bother of stopping for a moment?