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Elegant simplicity
The Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries is currently being trialled. It’s well worth a look as it couldn’t be simpler or more beneficial to all!


Government told to shape up on heritage protection
In a letter to The Independent, the Council for British Archaeology, the British Academy, the National Trust and others have urged the Government to sign The Hague Convention on the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and to put right their failure to honour their pledge to ratify it.


Antiques Roadshow in antiquities no-show
A detectorist has just informed his colleagues that the Antiques Roadshow in Cheltenham refused to feature his finds because “they have now been told not to promote metal detecting on the show. Someone must be turning the screws, on our hobby.”

(He’s wrong no doubt. It’ll be the sort of detecting that involves not giving full details of contexts or find spots or even falsifying them they’ll have been told to avoid. His advice to his pals: “The best thing to do is take an object along and say it belonged to your Great grandfatheris a neat example of it!)



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