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So WILL there be fences at Stonehenge and if so WHERE? Even at this late stage we don’t think it’s clear to the public:

English Heritage’s longstanding guide to the Stonehenge improvements says:
“The high chain link fence will be replaced by more appropriate stock fencing and other fences will be removed “where possible””

On the other hand, their video shows that fence simply being swept away and no other fence replacing it at all.

And on the third hand, EH has just said:
“The car park, fencing, shop and other structures that have accumulated to manage visitors and provide a service close to the site over the past century will be removed.”

Since “fences” are a preoccupation of every visitor to Stonehenge and the central purpose of the improvements is to “reconnect the monument with the wider landscape” clarification, once and for all, would be welcome. We get it that some fences might be kept in some parts of the WHS and these might not yet be finalised but if EH could simply state something they must know –  the radius of the circle round the monument where there definitely WON’T be fences – everyone would be reassured.….

Yes there will be fences, but how close will the CLOSEST be?


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