We have finally heard back from Wiltshire Council. They say it’s not possible for the Olympic Torch to visit Avebury or pause at Silbury Hill and the blame lies not with them but the Torch Route body. Quite why that should be is a puzzle but we’ve written to the Council once more, asking them to try again. Fingers crossed …….


Dear Councillor Scott,

The Olympic torch and Wiltshire’s heritage:
London 2012 Customer Service CaseID#230363#

Thank you for the reply sent on your behalf by Mrs Bell

We are pleased to hear you have recently been in contact with the Route Organisers regarding additional stops and visits but are naturally disappointed that they say “it is not possible to change the route to include other towns/places”.

However, we note that they say this is because of “Local transport and police planning” and “logistical considerations such as route distances, traffic movement, length of day and operational feasibility” and we feel most strongly, as may you, that a 30 second stop just 30 yards to the side of the scheduled route is unlikely to pose any significant difficulties under any of those six headings.

We wonder therefore if the organisers are aware that only a miniscule adjustment to the arrangements would be required in order to incorporate into the torch itinerary a momentary pause in Silbury Hill carpark , and whether you would be willing to make them aware of the fact? It really does seem anomalous that despite what must be massive logistical, planning and parking difficulties the torch is to be taken to the top of Glastonbury Tor but it is not considered feasible for it to pause for even a moment at Silbury!

(We are copying this message to the torch route organisers together with the picture below showing Silbury right next to the road along which the torch will be driven).


Heritage Action