MORI finds Stonehenge solstice feedback mostly positive!
It seems that MORI are employed to gather feedback from attendees at Stonehenge solstice events by conducting exit interviews. Evidently the feedback is mostly positive: “visitors appreciate the low-key security“.

You’d have to wonder though, would the feedback on the level of security be the same if Mori asked the millions that don’t attend but who see the pictures the next day?


Dover boat ships water!
It seems that the crew of a half-sized replica of a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age boat had to abort the vessel’s maiden voyage after it started to ship water. Should be fixed soon though and hopefully the replica being created in Falmouth will have better luck!


Proud to be British!
The recent “Neolithic marathon” along the Sarsen Trail was a huge success, attracting over two thousand participants. People came from all over the world to take part and as one of them said: “There’s nothing like it in Australia. Where else can you run from Avebury to Stonehenge?”  (Beats us!)