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A week ago we asked Wiltshire Council to reassure the torch planners at Locog that pausing for a moment at Silbury would involve no difficulty whatsoever. We’ve heard nothing so we’ve sent this :

Dear Councillor Scott,

The Olympic torch and Wiltshire’s heritage

Are you yet able to reply? There is still time to arrange a short pause at Silbury and here’s proof, a major climb down by Locog after complaints by councillors in Saltash and Plymouth. If they can achieve a huge late change like that surely you can secure a laughably miniscule one at Silbury?

It is becoming daily more evident that other counties are siezing the chance to use the torch to proudly showcase their heritage places. So it’s frustrating that (apart from Stonehenge, only recently added to the route) Wiltshire is set to ignore it’s defining attribute, it’s prehistoric heritage, to the extent that next Wednesday the plan is for the torch to be driven in a closed vehicle straight past the incomparable Silbury Hill at 60 miles an hour! It’s hard to see how that is consistent with stimulating Wiltshire’s economy and tourism.

May we therefore enquire whether you have made further representations to the organisers in the last few days, as we requested? We look forward to hearing from you.

Heritage Action


May 2012

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