More news on the sentencing of Roger Penny, the landowner who allowed the partial destuction of one of the Priddy Henges. After he pleaded guilty at the Magistrates hearing in April to permitting the execution of works affecting a scheduled monument, Mr Penny was sent to Taunton Crown Court for sentencing as the Magistrate’s sentencing powers were too limited given the nature of the offence. He was due in Crown Court on the 18th May but sentencing has now been adjourned until the 6th July.

Mr Penny has offered to return the land to the care of English Heritage or make any reparations as may be required. At the very least he should pay to rebuild the henge to its previous state. English Heritage should also take him up on the offer of taking this henge into state care and open it up for public access.

The Magistrates Court can impose a maximum fine of £5000 whereas the Crown Court can impose an unlimited fine or up to two years imprisonment.