Jeremy Deller’s much admired Bouncy Stonehenge, currently in Glasgow and shortly to be in London, wasn’t the first of its type. See here – The Poulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen , a touring public artwork by Jim Ricks launched in August 2010.

“I consider it an identical concept,” Ricks told the Guardian. “In terms of the description of the work, they are incredibly similar,” admitted Deller but he said that the idea for a bouncy Stonehenge had long pre-dated Ricks’s Dolmen. “The Olympics people got really nervous in case Jim decided to sue us,” he added. Fortunately though Ricks isn’t minded to – “Jeremy is a lovely man, and I have no reason to doubt his story” he said.

So cordial are their relations that it seems likely they’ll stage something that you won’t see every day – a megalithic bounce-off! Deller hopes that his “Sacrilege” will travel to Northern Ireland as part of its Cultural Olympiad tour. If it does, he will invite Jim Ricks to bring his Poulnabrone Bouncy Dolmen over the border to visit. (Rumours that Elvis and Lord Lucan will be present are yet to be confirmed!)

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