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Last month, we set our first ever prize competition: to name 12 stone circles in England from images taken from Google Earth.

Unfortunately, no-one managed a full set of correct answers. So to put you all out of your misery, the correct answers are:

Circle 1 – Boscawen-Un, Cornwall We thought the circular hedge and central stone may have been a give-away here, and were right. The largest number of correct answers.

Circle 2 – Fernworthy, Devon Much trickier, and only a few people got this one right.

Circle 3 – Stanton Drew, Avon The dual circle was the main clue here.

Circle 4 – The Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire Another easier one, the closely packed stones and closeness of the road being good clues.

Circle 5 – Arbor Low, Derbyshire The classic ‘clock-face’ of the fallen stones made this another easy one to identify.

Circle 6 – Castlerigg, Cumbria The internal cairn was a good clue, but offset by the presence of a visitor, which some thought may have been a stone.

Circle 7 – Swinside Sunkenkirk, Cumbria This caught quite a few people out, despite the nearby track and tightness of the stones to each other.

Circle 8 – Mitchell’s Fold, Shropshire The most difficult one. Very few identified this.

Circle 9 – Stanton Harcourt, Oxfordshire Recently reconstructed, and featured in a recent article.

Circle 10 – Scorhill, Devon We thought the sets of three stones might be a clue here, but only a couple of people got it.

Circle 11 – Stannon, Cornwall Another difficult one, with no real visual clues. This caught a lot of people out!

Circle 12 – Long Meg, Cumbria Another easy one, and a popular answer. the road through and the outlier stone (Meg herself) were the main clues here.

And the winner is…

…to be drawn at the Megameet in Avebury next month. A total of six names will go into the hat for the prize of a £20 Amazon voucher, those being the people that got most answers right (10/12). The prospective winners have been notified of their inclusion in the draw, and we hope they will be able to attend in person on the day. Many thanks to all those that took part, and commiserations to those whose names will not be going into the draw.

All images taken from, and copyright of, Google Earth.


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