There’s nothing like a Treasure reward to sort hypocrites from heroes so it’s no surprise the Furness Viking Treasure Appeal has reached its £50,000 target without any sign of the finder waiving any part of his £25,000 entitlement to help the community acquire it. But there’s a difference at Furness: the landowner is none other than Tarmac PLC, notorious for digging up heritage while claiming they are heritage’s best friends.

So they at least will waive their reward, won’t they? Or will they?

UPDATE: It seems they have now said they’ll give £5,000 to the fund and then “Once we receive the remaining £20,000 we will donate that money to community projects in close proximity to Stainton Quarry“. Hurrah!

Similar gestures by artefact hunters are awaited. After all, Tarmac are in it for the love of aggregates whereas every artefact hunter, bar none, is in it for the love of history. Perhaps PAS could remind them of the fact?


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