It has been announced that on Monday The Royal Engineers will help English Heritage move the Airman’s Cross memorial into temporary storage at Perham Down barracks. Moving it is of course a serious and sombre matter and it is to be hoped it can be re-erected close by as soon as possible.

However, it means that Monday will also signal the start of the process of delivering massive changes at Stonehenge for the way will then be clear for the commencement of the infrastructure works. Hurrah! It’s hard to believe, but absolutely true – after the best part of a hundred years of talking about how to deliver Stonehenge from its twentieth century humiliation it is OUR generation that is actually going to see it happen!

Indeed, it is imminent – there are now only 325 working days before the existing visitor centre is closed, the new one is up and running and all the intrusive features will have been swept away forever.