At Stonehenge it’s always a case of another day, another theory. Observatory, hospital, temple, alien energy generator, the list goes on, but just sometimes a theory pops up that seems more attractive and convincing than the others. Not pushing it’s luck, just saying “how about me?”

There are more monuments in the area aligned with the crucial winter solstice than anywhere else on earth so was Stonehenge regarded as the centre of the world and did the enormous effort of constructing it represent a sign of peace between people from the east and west of the country after a period of conflict? …. So wonders Prof Mike Parker Pearson, of Sheffield University in a new book describing a massive research project involving five British universities.

On the face of it, as theories go it seems one of the better ones. Quietly persuasive even. And the timing is perfect -Solstice just over but a bit of a damp squib, Olympic fever hotting up, the Torch about to visit the Henge and England about to show those Romans who are the real rulers of Europe.

Good luck to the new theory. May it prosper!  Tomorrow, there’ll be a zillion links about it on the internet, but this is a really good one.