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As the Thornborough Trust note on their blog:
“We are greatly concerned about the condition of Thornborough’s central henge. Animal disturbance to its earthwork has been a problem in recent years, and concerned individuals contacted English Heritage 16 months ago to alert them as to its deteriorating state. We contacted them again in May 2012. The decline in the physical integrity of its bank is alarming and suggests that action is urgently needed.” (See their photograph of the damage here.)

At the same time, it has been reported on the Megalithic Portal that access to the Northern Henge has been been formally blocked (see their photograph here.) The Northern Henge is the only one of the three henges that isn’t included in the stewardship agreement although ironically it is far better preserved than the other two (albeit severely compromised by large trees – which must surely be causing far more damage than any number of visitors would do).

It seems that the long tale of neglect and exploitation of this monument complex is still continuing. Campaigners have been pointing out for some time that actually none of the Henges has formal access arrangements and that allowing people to visit them was crucial to safeguarding their future. Dr Jan Harding, senior archaeology lecturer at Newcastle University, said: “Despite being of unique cultural value and being described by English Heritage as the most important prehistoric site between Stonehenge and the Orkneys, it is closed to visitors, lacks educational information and sits in an extensively quarried landscape. At the moment, there isn’t even a display board. Getting some kind of formal access for the public is vital.”

If you’d like to help then Thornborough Charitable Trust would be happy to hear from you.


June 2012

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