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Sorry, we can’t show you a picture. We had been given a press pass and were ready to go and then circumstances prevented us. It’s a real shame as it was a once-in-many lifetimes event and images of it will no doubt be shown in every country on earth. Which makes the mystery all the greater:

Why was it missed off the original Olympic route? Why was it then added at a late stage as a “private” event for the press alone at 5.00am? How is this consistent with 13,500 people being allowed in exactly three weeks earlier?

Oh, and how come we had to sign a piece of paper pointing out that if we encouraged anyone to climb on the stones we’d be slung out – when previous solstice videos show not one but thousands of people, tipsy with alcohol that English Heritage had authorised them to bring in, raucously cheering and encouraging someone to climb to the top of one of the trilithons?

UPDATE: And we’ve just realised: last night was the first of the Fire Garden events. It ended at midnight so the public would all have been ushered away by 1.00am and at 4.30am the carpark was re-opened for the press so they could witness the private torch event. In view of that, how on earth can public exclusion from such an iconic event be explained or justified in any conceivable practical terms? They were already there!

Listen! Is that a pin dropping?


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