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National Trust says it ain’t necessarily so:
The National Trust  has recently been in trouble for mentioning that the Giants Causeway had featured in early debates about evolution. Some people felt that was giving succour to modern-day creationists and young-earthers. Now however they are to reconsider their display material and have issued a statement clarifying that they consider that there is no scientific debate about the age of the earth! Hurrah! It would be nice if the government confirmed that view and told the creationists that currently want to set up a school here to go to a fictitious place of torment.


English Heritage still doesn’t get it!
English Heritage has been jubilating about the Olympic torch coming to Stonehenge:
Stonehenge is a cultural institution, older than the Games themselves. And they are both the focus for great communal gatherings. The Olympic Torch and Stonehenge are two of the great symbols of the world. To bring them together is profoundly exciting.
Ummm yes, Dr Thurley but you didn’t bring them together in a great communal gathering, did you, that’s the problem. It all happened as a private event at 5.00am, witnessed only by press photographers and English Heritage employees. They might have found it “profoundly exciting” but most people didn’t as they weren’t allowed to witness it.


Encouraging news from West Penwith
A few months ago we reported in a Guest Post about some worrying development on a field adjoining the Merry Maidens in Cornwall. The latest on this story appears to be that the Planning Inspector has visited the site and has dismissed the application for an appeal, the occupant now has six months to restore the field to its original condition. So by early next year, the peace at the Maidens should be restored. Here’s hoping!


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