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Moral Maze
Detectorists are getting upset about contaminated green waste being spread on fields. Quite rightly, if it’s a danger to food (although their interest is also to do with the fact it makes detecting impossible!). It seems they’ve got themselves into a moral muddle though. They’re putting in a Freedom of Information request to find which farms have taken the worst waste but on the other hand they’re all desperate not to specify any such farms they know about in case the farmer withdraws their permission to detect! What to do? Tell the authorities they’ve seen a threat to public health or keep quiet so they can carry on artefact hunting? Don’t hold your breath waiting to see which.

They do sometimes say hilarious stuff though….. “On the way home tonight spotted fields next to A303 in Amesbury getting the stuff delivered. If not stopped our hobby is doomed….”  Next to the A303 in Amesbury eh? So that’ll be in the Stonehenge World Heritage site or right next to it then. Perfect detecting territory then…..


Museum vandalism
Apparently, mindless vandals have smashed up the garden of Wiltshire’s Richard Jefferies museum. You might wonder why. Ironically, Jefferies himself gave an explanation long ago that seems to fit nowadays:

“Never was the distinction so sharp between the poor—the sullen poor who stand scornful and desperate at the street corners—and the well-to-do ….. It is not confined to the millionaire….. Those who only see the drawing-room side of society, those who move, too, in the well-oiled atmosphere of commercial offices, are quite ignorant of the savage animosity which watches them to and fro the office or the drawing-room from the street corner….. How easy it is to point to the sobriety and the good sense of the working class and smile in assumed complacency! What have the sober mass of the working class to do with it? No more than you or I, or the Rothschilds, or dukes of blood royal. There the thing is, and it requires no great sagacity to see that the present mode of dealing with it is a failure and likely to be worse. If you have gunpowder, you should not put it under hydraulic pressure. You should not stir it up and hold matches to it to see if it is there.”


Big AND clever!
Jug juggling! See here.


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