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The Council for British Archaeology has been keen to promote the wonderful idea of “Archaeology for all” – and who could disagree with such a sentiment?  Well us actually. We complained that although “Archaeology” (the study of the past) is “for all” the wording could also be taken as suggesting “archaeology” (the stuff) was available for “all” to dig up and lay claim to.

What to do? We had a huge point. The logo could be read two ways and it was simply inconceivable that the Council for British Archaeology of all bodies should leave itself open to claims it supported what it didn’t. Its Director Mike Heyworth signalled in a Comment he made on the Journal that he was well aware of the problem:

In my language, archaeology is always the study, not the stuff, but these are subtleties which inevitably are lost on many people. This is exactly what we are discussing with branding experts at the moment, so maybe we’ll be back with some different words soon …”

In the event, a genius found the perfect solution. Not different words but different spacing! If it was the branding agency they were worth every penny. If it was the CBA’s Director he deserves a raise. Here’s the new logo:

So whats the point of that strange spacing? Well, in ancient Greek, archaeo is old and logia is study. In modern Britspeak an ology is a study. Either way, by splitting the word into two the CBA has made its meaning crystal clear:

The study of old stuff is for all.  The old stuff isn’t.



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