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Three Cheers for MOLA
Three cheers for MOLA, for a series of three entertaining talks in under an hour on the theme of ‘What Lies Beneath’ as part of the Developing City exhibition at the Walbrook Building in the City of London this week. The exhibition itself closes on the 9th September, so get there soon!

The first talk covered the rise and fall of Roman London, the second the Medieval London of the Hanseatic League and trading connections with Europe, and the third covered the edge of London, the archaeology of the Lea Valley area around the Olympic Park, from Bronze Age settlements through to post war industrial use.

For a free event it was excellent value for money! More please.


Another attack on the Green Belt?
Allies of George Osborne, the Chancellor, are said to be considering another attempt to loosen the rules on building in the countryside as part of a new drive to stimulate the UK economy.

Quite why building tens of thousands of executive homes on the prime bits rather than affordable ones on the scrubby bits is so essential to economic regeneration has never been explained but that seems to be back on the agenda. Last time, the National Trust played a pivotal role in rebuffing the plans. Since then there has been a change in the NT leadership and it is yet to be seen if that will be significant.

“George has even less time now for all of the green groups,” one Government source was reported as saying….


Yummy stratigraphy!
What can we say? Archaeology so good you could eat it!


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