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Although some commentators are predicting the death of RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, as a way of disseminating news on the internet, it is still going strong as a technology, and every day there are more ways to tap in (literally, with the advent of tablet computing and apps such as FlipBoard) to its power.

Personally I still like the Google Reader web interface for managing the many news feeds I follow, although there are also many apps available in whichever app store or marketplace your device uses to help you keep on top of things.

Among my many watched feeds are a series of archaelogy or ancient heritage sites, and I thought it might be useful to review some of these over a series of posts. The following are in no particular order:

24 Hour Museum

“Latest news, exhibition reviews, links, event listings and education resources from thousands of UK museums, galleries, heritage sites, archives and libraries, all in one place.”

There’s a very useful map widget on the front page of this site, showing locations and details of events and exhibitions. There is a general newsfeed available, or dig down using the navigation bar to a preferred topic and subscribe to the individual newsfeed(s) of your choice.

Ancient Digger

“Anyone can appreciate and learn about history and archaeology when it’s taught in a way that appeals to all generations. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, academic, archaeologist or anthropologist, historian, professor, or student, Ancient Digger is striving to teach all of you about world heritage.”

Only a single feed as far as I can tell, this one covers world-wide archaeological news, so UK content can get a little lost.

Heritage of Wales News

“The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales has a leading national role in developing and promoting understanding of the archaeological, built and maritime heritage of Wales, as the originator, curator and supplier of authoritative information for individual, corporate and governmental decision makers, researchers, and the general public.”

This newsfeed duplicates each post (in Welsh and English) so 50% of the newsfeed will be redundant for most readers.

Council for British Archaeology

“An independent charity, our overall aim is to open up the UK’s rich heritage for all and safeguard it for future generations. Connect with the UK archaeology community, and uncover the latest stories, research and resources.”

Sadly, the only RSS Newsfeed that seems to be available concerns the CBA’s new publications, but there is a news page available which strangely is not RSS’d.

Much of the news reported is about the CBA rather than the wider world of archaeology and heritage. An opportunity missed in the recent site revamp perhaps?

The Stone Age Tools Museum

A simple, straightforward blog, containing news from around the world about Stone Age Tools.


“Welcome to Orkneyjar – a website dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney – a group of islands lying off the northern tip of  Scotland”

An excellent site covering news of excavations and events in the Orkneys, from the Paeleolithic through to Medieval sites.

Watch for coverage of more newsfeeds soon, as I delve further into my list. Actually, although we’ve listed 6 sites above, there is one other that should be on your list: The Heritage Journal! Just click on the RSS symbol at top left to subscribe to our own newsfeed. If you have a good source of news that’s not in this list, why not share it in the comments so others can also enjoy?


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