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Mr Roger Penny who ordered the destruction of part of one of the Priddy Circles will have to wait a bit longer to hear the punishment as the matter has been adjourned yet again until 26 October! Why? More time is needed to work out the cost of reinstating the Monument. Quite a puzzle as you can’t reinstate destroyed prehistory at any price. But here are some pictures we took of the damage if you wish to do some calculations!

The South-East henge wall, carefully and precisely sliced into oblivion

The North-West henge wall, spared overall but carelessly gouged at in a number of places, for no forgivable reason…

The end result of the whole exercise. Immaculate.

[Images (C) Heritage Action but free to re-use, with credit]

While its easy to think a very harsh sentence is called for, either as a punishment or a warning, it’s also worth considering whether the most important thing isn’t teaching anyone a lesson but learning a lesson from them. As we mentioned a few days ago it is possible that if there had been a simple warning notice on the gate through which the bulldozer was driven – maybe with a Monument number and English Heritage’s telephone number (0870 333 1181) on it – the bulldozer driver(s) just might have hesitated long enough to give them a ring on a mobile.


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