Just eight months after the stone row at Mynydd y Betws was first recognised, the first large component of a windmill crossed the row yesterday morning. During the coming eight weeks all the parts of fifteen 110m high wind turbines will make the same journey across the row, between the cairns and over the early coal mining remains.

11.03am, 12 September 2012:  The first blade arrives on the Mountain and crosses the Stone Row.    (Can you spot the Stone Row?)

Today, Thursday, it is expected that the first of the massive towers will lumber along the new purpose-built track to the large platforms cut into the side of the mountain. There they will be lifted onto the ground to await assembly in the coming months. The setting of the numerous scheduled and unscheduled sites on the mountain will be altered for years to come and of course some will bear the scars of the past few months for ever.


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