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In our recent article on ‘Experimental Archaeology – Roundhouses‘, we incorrectly stated that the roundhouse at Bodrifty in Cornwall “has now been fitted with all mod-cons and is available for let as a holiday home with a difference!“, a false impression we gained from reading the holiday company web site. We are happy to be corrected, and have been contacted by the site owner with the following information, which we print by way of an unreserved apology:

The Roundhouse reconstruction at Bodrifty has not been fitted with mod cons. These facilities are in a separate building elsewhere (a converted stable block) There are NO modern materials used in the construction of the Roundhouse except for polypropylene based fishing line for lashings- if natural fibres had been used they would have decayed by now.

The 4 poster green oak bed has a modern mattress and some very soft electric lights have been installed.  When not ‘occupied’ – mostly by honeymooners it is used in conjunction with the original Iron Age settlement as an educational resource – The Settlement though on private land is open to the public. Off season the Roundhouse is available to visitors by appointment.

The replica Roundhouse is based on the largest (‘Hut A”) in the settlement but there is no knowledge of it having been occupied by a ‘Chief’.


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