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High status helmet?
Much criticism has been levelled against all those that played a part in the diversion of the Crosby Garrett helmet, a national treasure in all but legal definition, away from permanent public view. But Mike Pitts just added a further dimension. He asks why the owner has lent it to the Royal Academy and not to the Tullie House Museum, which was so keen to show it to the people of Cumbria – and he answers himself like this:

“As Mrs Merton might have said to the collector, “So, what first attracted you to the socially prestigious Royal Academy?”


Bleeper sounds off
An astute metal detectorist-blogger reckons our Farmer Brown isn’t a real person but a literary device! Genius! Then on that basis he goes off on one about us. (No, we aren’t archaeos and we can’t be unfrocked!) Still, he said one sensible thing to his readers: “What I suggest is that you print off a copy of the piece and take it to your local FLO/Friendly Neighbourhood Arkie. Ask for their comments and if they will stand by them in public.” Please do!


Why don’t Barristers read English Heritages guidelines?
This week EH have been encouraging people to visit their website to learn all about concepts like setting and significance. A good idea but a hopeless plea in the case of Mr Jeremy Pike, barrister for power company E.On. Just look what he said at the Chiplow windfarm Inquiry:
“no-one is entitled to say that they should not have to see wind turbines in the same view as listed buildings or other protected assets.”
“Wot, nowhere, never?” a lawyer from EH’s legal department may have been heard to exclaim. “Bleedin ‘ell, why did we bother writing all those definitions and guidelines on “setting” and “significance” then?

The Inspector smirked and said “Don’t tell him Pike!”


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