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Crossrail not a new route?!
Wood found during excavation work for Crossrail could be evidence of a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age transport route through London, experts believe. Archaeologists examining a site in Plumstead have been searching for the pathway, which ran along the same route of the new rail link in east London.

“Crossrail’s Lead Archaeologist Jay Carver said: “We know from other sites nearby that this area was probably crisscrossed by a network of pathways. As excavation works for the Plumstead tunnel portal got underway our archaeologists uncovered several wooden stakes and at least two that appear to have cut marks from a metal axe. Although we haven’t identified an actual track way yet, the timbers are similar to those used to make the track ways and certainly show that people were in the area exploiting the woodland.  This is a promising find as we continue our search for evidence of a Bronze Age transport route along where London’s newest railway will run.”


Fantasy Fiction
A well-known detectorist has just launched a book (Google “book”, you’ll find it). He says it is dedicated to his fellow artefact hunters without whom “our knowledge of our heritage would be a very bare boned entity indeed“. Blimey. So all those archaeologists and historians have contributed very little to our knowledge of the past. Someone should do something.


On the subject of artefact hunting we are told ad nauseam that applying any sort of regulation to the hobby will instantly cause an explosion of nighthawking and that the British laissez faire attitude towards portable antiquities ensures looting is far less here. Not according to this map from “Looted Heritage” it doesn’t!


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