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You may recall that at the end of September someone reported they had seen a distinctive orange digger with “PENNY” on the side working at the new Stonehenge Visitor Centre. We thought, if true, it was inappropriate but we heard nothing further. However, we’ve just seen something that strengthens the suspicion.  Here’s a picture taken from Mr Penny’s website:

and here’s a picture taken at the site of the visitor centre last month by Mike Pitts ….

The two look pretty similar, although the one photographed by Mike Pitts appears to have a white notice on it at the position where the other one says PENNY. As we said before, it would be unfortunate, to say the least, if the contractors had hired or been loaned plant belonging to Mr Penny as it would mean the man that has just been convicted of the heritage crime of the century at Priddy was earning money or brownie points  at Stonehenge! As a minimum it would be better re-painted. It would be good to have nothing orange anywhere near prehistoric henges for a few decades!

Mr Egon Face writes: “this is a nonsense story. I have been keeping a close eye on events at the visitors centre and have detailed photos of all the plant hire equipment. None of it has the word Penny on it anywhere”

Well, not detailed enough, clearly:



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