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Punch-up cover-up at EH Commission
We assume so anyway, because according to the minutes of their 3 hour meeting last July there was either nothing to report or nothing that could be reported – except for some apologies and the date of the next punch-up … er  meeting, sorry!
Windfarm bribe revealed.
Hot on the heels of a recent windfarm industry opinion that it was important to  tell host communities they will gain  “the benefits of change”if they don’t oppose windfarms, comes this….


Nighthawks identified!
For once, an accurate account of nighthawking:“Metal detector enthusiasts armed with spades have been targeting a historic North-East site” Metal detectorists, see? Not a different species, just people who frequent detecting clubs and forums (as metal detectorists themselves frequently admit), who happen also to go out stealing. How can nighthawks be properly targeted if that reality isn’t thoroughly understood and acknowledged? It can’t. So good.

More excellent news (though not a police matter), is the quote from Inspector Mark Harrison, national policing and crime advisor for English Heritage: such people come “to steal property that belongs to the land owners, and more importantly, they are stealing the knowledge that belongs to all of us.”

Hurrah! Although, to be really perfect in terms of informing the public he would need to add a few words:
they are stealing the knowledge that belongs to all of us, though very little compared with that far bigger group that acts legally but doesn’t report finds to PAS! Surprising. Never officially said. But absolutely true!

And finally, Congratulations to friend of Heritage Action, photographer Brian Kerr. One of the images he submitted, of Long Meg in Cumbria, has been commended by the judges of the Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2012 competition and is in the year book as well as being shown in print at the National Theatre exhibition in London.

Long Meg, Cumbria. © Brian Kerr 2012


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