Proposals for 11 changes to the way access to Stonehenge is managed were due to be presented to the Stonehenge Round Table meeting yesterday afternoon by representatives of the Open Access to Stonehenge Campaign. It will be interesting to see the outcome but two points jumped out at us. Here they are, followed by our own thoughts:

“We ask that: It is changed from being run as a managed event and run more as a gathering and religious celebration….”
So no booze then.

“That the open access is run by English Heritage staff in the same respectful manner as they treat their daily visitors. Not as it is now, left to management of security firms….”
Respect should indeed always be shown. However, it is a plain fact that the presence of massive numbers of attendees and booze ensure the management problems are very different at summer solstice. Numbers attending would need to be greatly reduced and the booze eliminated before the situation could possibly be managed in the same way as winter solstice or routine daily visiting.