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The National Heritage List for England is an incredibly useful source of information concerning our designated heritage.  A fairly sophisticated search engine allows the user to retrieve various categories of information fairly easily.  If you happen to know the number of the asset you are looking for there is a window where this can be entered.  It is therefore perhaps unfortunate that the search tip suggests that the information should be entered in a box below when in reality it is the box above that should be completed.  This may seem rather trivial, but yes I admit it I spent a short time looking for a box below.  More importantly if simple details like this are wrong can we be confident in the contents? During the coming months we will explore the contents of the Heritage List giving us an insight into the character of what is protected and whether the list is robust enough for the challenges of the 21st century

A final thought for today. As this mistake has gone un-noticed for more than a year does this mean that nobody is using this resource? This would be a great shame as this is an important source of information for anyone involved or interested in the protection of our heritage. Perhaps English Heritage would like to tell us how many people have used the online version of The National Heritage List for England?


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