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It couldn’t be simpler….

That’s the Crawley Metal Detecting Group rule. 30 people have said  “Blow the voluntary system, everyone should record so here everyone must!” Beyond denial, it’s a split amongst metal detectorists, a small version of a big one that nearly happened years ago until strangled by those who wished to retain “freedom” to not report finds to PAS. It’s significant as it proves it can be done and poses the question: why don’t all metal detecting organisations do the same?

After all, they all say they support recording and best practice, e.g.: The Federation of Independent Detectorists says it will “accept any responsible detectorist as a member”, The National Council for Metal Detecting says it was formed “to provide a democratic forum for responsible metal detector users” and UK Detectornet says it was formed “to bring together responsible detectorists everywhere”.

So how come they talk the talk but none of them walks the walk? The answer is displayed daily on detecting forums: they’re all in thrall to those who won’t accept compulsory good practice. Sadly, it is those people, not those who wish to do the right thing by society, who have always been in control of detecting. In my opinion the Government should take due note. Words are very cheap.


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