Weather proof (and vandal proof) stones
See here!

Stilts at Stonehenge
The Stonehenge Lantern Procession is proving very popular. 500 people are expected to take part this year. Is it authentic? It’s a fair bet that it is, although organiser Mr Rhind-Tutt says “we’ve even got a stilt walker signed up!” Who knows though, that might be exactly what happened in the old days, maybe people weren’t allowed on the sacred ground! We suspect that EH will be having a word though, if it’s wet and the stilts are making deep holes.

Archae-irony for all!
As a tweet from the CBA’s Festival says….
Congratulations to Corfe Castle – the first Festival of Archaeology 2013 event!
Not the first “festival” at that superb venue though. A metal detecting manufacturer has run annual rallies on land overlooking the castle for many years and they’ll be there again in 2013 despite some concerns they may have nearly cleaned it out
– “Finds were seriously reduced up there anyway this year because its had us on it for twelve years and finds dont get replaced”

(You may recall a telly programme featuring a nice responsible “metal detecting survey” there a few years ago amidst lots of hoo-ha about how it was the future and highly beneficial  for the viewers. But the cameras are long gone, the collector-boys have kept coming, again and again and again and it’s nearly all been cleaned out … Archaeology for all, see?)