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Tristan Stone on the move? Again?

An ancient stone monument marking the grave of a king’s nephew who inspired one of the greatest love stories in British history is to be moved – to make way for a housing estate. Local Councillor Biscoe has condemned the decision to shift the ancient obelisk as ‘cultural violence’ and one of the ‘worst attacks on heritage in the world’.

Whilst that may be considered by some to be overstating the case, sadly this isn’t the first time that the stone has been relocated, and we can’t help but think that every move sets a precedent that chips away at the importance of the heritage behind the stone.

Bedd Morris back in place

In better news, the Bronze Age stone of Bedd Morris near Newport, Pembrokeshire has been restored to it’s rightful place after being toppled in an incident with a car earlier this year. The Bedd Morris stone on Dinas Mountain near Newport has been a landmark for around 3,500 years.

Planning Minister goes mad!

Building on 1,500 square miles of English countryside will not make much difference says Nick Boles, Planning Minister, son of a previous Head of the National Trust.

Mr Boles is also famous for calling for all pensioners to be stripped of their winter fuel payments, free prescriptions and bus passes – presumably on the basis that also wouldn’t make much difference – and for charging the taxpayer for his lessons in Hebrew so he can communicate better with his Israeli partner – which would presumably make a big difference to his breakfast-time conversations.

So where shall we start building on this 1,500 square miles Nick? Surrey? Your constituency in Lincolnshire? The Lake District? Avebury? Just tell us, precisely, don’t speak in generalities.


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