The project to return Stonehenge to “splendid isolation” has received a body-blow. As Mike Pitts has explained, an Inspector has refused to sanction the restriction of traffic on Byway 12 and other tracks and that wasn’t what Wiltshire Council or English Heritage had hoped for although “it will have pleased many, including some Druids and Pagans, and off-road driving campaigners.” The decision creates two difficulties – vehicles driving or parking on the tracks is contrary to both the Management Plan (which specifies they should only be used for emergency, operational and farm vehicles) and the current improvement project, that  almost everyone supports, which aims as far as possible to remove the twenty first century from the the landscape and the vicinity of the stones. 

Mike suggests that these issues “will need to be resolved later down the line” but in the meantime here’s a possible interim solution to an otherwise irresolvable difficulty….



Adapted from original image © Copyright Derek Harper