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You’d think finding when Solstice occurs is simple. You just tweet Prof Brian Cox or NASA. Job done. So it’s a surprise to read an official of the “Open Access to Stonehenge” group saying As for how our access date is worked out from what I can gather, is a combination of factors:- Astrological time is worked out, up to midday and the access will be on the morning of that date. Midday onwards means access will be on the morning after…”

So is astrology used in deciding when Open Access happens? Well, it seems the President of the British Astrologers Association (who also helps organise Peace Stewards at Stonehenge) “liaises with English Heritage regarding Stonehenge access.” Just a wild guess but it’s possible EH are just being polite (what with astrology not being science, not making sense and not having anything to do with Stonehenge!) However, it’s a fact that the winter solstice celebration (at least) doesn’t accord with science for recent research clearly indicates it is held at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

That’s not sustainable long term for an organisation for which scientific evidence is paramount so it’s surprising there was no mention of the new research or any planned changes at last week’s Round Table meeting. It’s to be hoped an announcement is imminent and we can remove our “Make Stonehenge Winter Solstice more authentic” link from the left hand margin! [Outdated reference]


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