Postcards to friends of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site


October 2003, Lord Avebury is pictured visiting Avebury with (on his left), the Ven. Khemadhammo Mahathera OBE, Abbot of The Forest Hermitage and Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Angulimala, and two other monks. This visit followed a ceremony inaugurating the Buddha Grove at Erlestoke Prison, where one of the wings is named Avebury. The following week a trip to Buckingham Palace, where Lord Avebury would witness the Ven. Khemadhammo Mahathera receive his OBE from the Queen, then enjoy tea on the terrace at the House of Lords. Lord Avebury’s grandfather, Sir John Lubbock, the first Lord Avebury, purchased Silbury Hill and much of Avebury to protect the monuments, and introduced the Ancient Monuments Protection Act in 1882.



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