A better Round Table?
A lot of people are unhappy about the Stonehenge Round Table, the monthly meetings to discuss solstice and equinox access to the stones. The cost of petrol… the distance …. the failure of English Heritage to give people what they want….

“It is a joke really The Round Table is only 1 and a half hours, to discuss EVERYTHING, It takes 4 hours to get to Salisbury, English Heritage are having a laugh at everyones expense !! a total waste of money, time !! When English Heritage and the attendees that think English Heritage are there friends start thinking about the all, i might go back one day, Until then there Round Table meetings are FAKE and not GENUINE.”

For their part English Heritage probably find the cost of laying on the meetings a bit burdensome too, so here’s an idea: do it online! That would save lots of petrol, time and money and would enable far more people to take part and get heard in a controlled, comfortable environment.

“Hurrah!” [says the taxpayer!]

A Bronze Age raft
Talking of Bronze Age boats and transporting blue stones …. here’s another interesting video, this time of the restoration of a remarkably preserved bronze age river raft in Brigg, Lincolnshire

A Stonehenge miracle?
There’s talk of the main A303 past Stonehenge being made into a dual carriageway – although the mayor of Amesbury wisely said the town was “not holding its breath”. English Heritage said they welcomed the possible upgrade, but that it was important the improvements were done in a way that was “sensitive to the ancient setting of Stonehenge and other parts of the historic environment that might be affected”.

And that’s a problem, for what sort of miracle would it need for loads of interesting and unique sites, integral to the understanding of the whole complex not to be discovered in that location as the works progressed? EH are good with words. Does being “sensitive to the ancient setting of Stonehenge” include landscaping and preservation by record? Yes it does. But does it preclude physically destroying everything that’s found on the line of the widened road? No it doesn’t. They’d have used different words if they’d meant that.