Postcards to friends of the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site

I was reminded recently of a moment, as a child, returning from a week away with my school, when the coach I was on drove past Stonehenge.

The only time I’d previously seen Stonehenge was in a book or on the television. Of course I was impressed! Surprised – strangely – at how small it seemed in relation to how my rather overactive imagination had protrayed it, but impressed nevertheless.

At the exact moment that we drove past, Concorde flew over a short distance away, posing above the stones in a photogenic way. If this were today, everybody would have had a camera with them, most likely on their phones, but this was the 70s, so nobody was prepared for this unique photo opportunity.

At the time, and at the age I was, it almost felt like Concorde was from the future. Like a rocket. Or a spaceship.

Roll on 30 years, and fantasy has been replaced by reality. A spaceship has been photographed flying over Stonehenge!

The International Space Station (ISS) flying over Stonehenge

Photo credit: Tim Burgess (

And here’s a photo from space taken by Commander Hadfield (Commander of the International Space Station) himself!



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