As English Heritage publishes this year’s Conditions of Entry for solstice at Stonehenge and looks around for the £200,000 it is going to cost to stage it, a couple of other recent events are noteworthy:

• Here’s a different Stonehenge gathering by Amesbury Museum: “If you are a parishioner of Amesbury, we would love you to join us at Stonehenge at 10am on 4th May and help us celebrate around a May Pole near the Heal Stone”…..

• And here’s the recent May Day / Beltane celebration service being conducted by Arch Druid Rollo Maughfling on Glastonbury Tor. 

In each case, no problems, no issues, no complaints, no £200,000 – in fact tuppence would probably be closer. In addition, over in Kent they’ve only raised £2,622 so far towards the £20,000 they need by June to ensure the replica of the Dover Bronze Age boat can go to sea. That’s £20,000, not £200,000. Time to re-think the Stonehenge solstice arrangements?