Trowelblazers – women in archaeology
“Awesome trowel-wielding women: WE SALUTE YOU!”
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Stonehenge delay may prompt legal action
Work to upgrade a road junction near Stonehenge has been completed six months later than originally intended so English Heritage is considering legal action against the contractors. It is not known whether the public is considering legal action against the Government due to the fact that work to sort Stonehenge out is five decades late! 😉

Tree puzzle
An inspector in Northumbria has ruled that 3 holiday tree lodges would be “incongruous” with a “discordant appearance” that would “detract from local character and distinctiveness”. It’s a fact though that worse things have been allowed elsewhere and it makes one wonder how inspectors measure these things. They don’t explain, they just say that’s what they think. So a tip: if you want to get your tree lodge through, try putting a dirty great wind turbine on it’s roof. The Inspector might like it.

Incidentally, this arose from an original refusal by Northumberland County Council. Yes, Northumberland, the place where they gave permission for the world’s largest human figure to loom over the landscape….