A happy solstice to all our readers! So, how did it go this year?

Much better at Stonehenge, it seems. Fewer arrests and mostly good-natured.  One reason perhaps was that there was a lot of ceremonial around the Heel Stone that drew many people to gather in that area and so reduce the numbers inside the stones. A lesson to be learned for the future perhaps?

But no-one is helped by the authorities failing to comment on the fact that some people STILL insisted on climbing on the stones and weren’t prevented by those whose job it is to protect the monument on behalf of everyone else.

Or were these people levitating themselves?!

solstice 2013

As for the American woman on TV this morning blatantly stealing some of the ‘sacred soil’ from the site in front of millions of potential copycat viewers and replacing it with sandalwood dust as an ‘offering’…. well, people are as ignorant about how to behave towards a World Heritage Site as they are allowed to be.