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A draft Traffic Plan has been produced on behalf of Avebury Parish Council. It calls for the introduction of “some specially designed, sensitive solutions to manage traffic issues that may not be commonplace elsewhere.”

[Image credit - Jane Tomlinson, Heritage Action]

[Image credit – Jane Tomlinson, Heritage Action]

It appears that overall parishioners support the idea of reducing speeds on the A and B roads through the Parish and the plan proposes a maximum design speed of 40mph instead of 60mph limits, either across the entire WHS or, if that is not possible, around individual focal points such as Silbury and The Sanctuary.

Specific proposals at other focal points include better provision for pedestrians and people crossing the road opposite the Red Lion, a ‘Permit Holders Only’ parking scheme in the High Street and cheap, short term parking in the main National Trust car park (so that short term visitors don’t have to pay day rates).

The report also made the point that it is important that road signs, road treatments, or other alterations are carefully designed to be highly sympathetic to the surroundings and to suit the importance of the World Heritage Site – and that at present “the great majority of road signs in the Parish are erroneous, unnecessary or dilapidated and need to be updated, moved or removed.”

Of particular interest was the proposal to develop a new ‘Avebury’ village sign which gives a greater sense of place. The plan indicated that this could be a unique design – related to the World Heritage Site – to mark the village boundaries and could be repeated for all settlements in the Parish, thereby reducing clutter by incorporating 30mph signs and simple directions for the main car park.


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