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Satan at Stonehenge
It is reported that a group that was let into Stonehenge to greet the sunrise a few Sundays back (on Midsummers Day, not at the main solstice gathering) was heard from some distance away loudly chanting “Hail Satan”. If so, should it be welcomed as an excellent manifestation of “inclusivity and multivocality”? Or is it just bonkers?  Not the fact the Dark Lord was being greeted (or called to appear, who knows?) but the fact that they were let in for free. Does it mean anything at all gets you in gratis? Will they get a free land train ride as well next year? What about followers of the Great Biscuit in the Sky? Pass the bourbons, I’ve always fancied an out-of-hours visit at someone else’s expense…

Fox forgiven
It was a “landmark ruling” … tagecrime/ when a Northamptonshire nighthawk was given a metal detecting ASBO – the first of its type – but it has now been reduced to a 5 year period … 24#mdnesds because the original one was ruled “disproportionate”. Presumably the Judge felt that if you keep a fox out of the chicken coop for 5 years he’ll be safe to be let in after that. Bet he doesn’t keep chickens.

A partner for Northumberlandia?
Banks Mining who brought us the the world’s largest human figure, Northumberlandia, are talking of starting another massive opencast mine and are in talks with Northumberland Tourism and Northumberland Wildlife Trust about opportunities to enhance the area.
Reports that they’re planning to construct a companion for Northumberlandia, an even larger figure of a naked man, are nonsense but it is thought that he will be named Cock o’ the North.


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