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We’ve  just had a message from WordPress saying Congratulations, English Heritage has started following The Journal and from now on they’ll get an email every time a new post is published.

It could be all part of the fact English Heritage are currently advertising for a new “Stonehenge Social Media Content Executive” part of the job description for which is to: “Work closely with Corporate Communications to manage the reputation of the English Heritage brand through Stonehenge social media channels” and “Track and report on relevant website and social media activity using a variety of reporting systems including Google Analytics“.

We think EH are wonderful!


Well, well well!
We’ve banged on about how the Staffordshire Hoard site has been nighthawked and how more security is needed so we were interested to find that the far less well-known Corbridge site has been nighthawked a shocking number of times.

The staff thought it was down to the fact it was monitored so much rather than that there was necessarily more nighthawking there than at other sites elsewhere but in one year there were seven instances of nighthawking and 122 ‘individual intrusions’ into the ground. At the Staffordshire Hoard site, over 4 years, that would equate with 28 possible instances of nighthawking and 488 ‘individual intrusions’ into the ground – were it not for the fact the latter is infinitely better known and infinitely more attractive to nighthawks.

We were also interested to read that since the research at Corbridge in 2005 “English Heritage have consistently employed a security firm on site. This seems to have greatly reduced the number of nighthawking incidents” ….


A study has indicated that Language and tool-making skills evolved at the same time.

Makes sense to us.



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